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Registered under Chamber of Commerce Amsterdam under number: 55899668
Gasthuishofje 14
2042 JR Zandvoort

 Hereinafter: Show M.E.


a. Client shall mean the party that provided the assignment for the work
b. Under the Contractor, unless otherwise stated, shall mean: Show ME;
c. Under Contract means the request of the Principal to Show ME against payment activities;
d. Under work is one which Show Me for the Client, within the confines of the Show ME Assignment makes and / or take or do and / or doing business


a. These general conditions apply to all quotes and orders to show ME and of all other agreements to which Show Me party;
b. From these general conditions could not be waived unless the parties expressly agree otherwise in writing;
c. The applicability of these general conditions preclude the applicability of other general conditions including, among others, the Client and third parties.


a All by Show M.E. provided quotations are free;
b. Show offers by M.E. based on information provided by the Client. The Client guarantees that he is taking to the best of all essential information for the design and execution of the Contract provided;

Article 4: INTERNET

a. During the execution of the Contract, the Client and Show ME at the request of one of them by electronic mail to communicate. Both Show M.E. and the Contractor recognize that the use of electronic mail specific risks such as – but not limited to – distortion, delay and virus;
b. Client and Show M.E. hereby declare each other not liable for damages that may result from either of them due to the use of electronic mail;
c. Both the Client Show M.E. will all that can reasonably be expected from them may do or fail to prevent the occurrence of such risks. In case of doubt concerning the correctness of the Commissioner of Show ME received mail, is the content of the mail sent by the sender determines.


a. Show a M.E. is entitled immediately after the conclusion of an agreement 50% of the fee advance billing. The remaining amount of the agreed fee is at the discretion of Show ME, during the implementation of the agreed work and / or at the end of the Assignment billed;
b. Payment of invoices Show M.E. should without any deduction or setoff to take place within 21 days after invoice date. If payment is not forthcoming within that period, the Principal is in default without any notice is required;
c. In case of late or partial payment of the invoice amount is over the amount an interest of 1% per month from the invoice date. If month is every month or part of a month after the invoice date. Extrajudicial and judicial costs are borne by the Client. These costs are at least 20% of the outstanding invoice amount, plus interest due or, if higher, the actual costs incurred.


a Unless otherwise agreed all prices denominated Show ME specified in contracts, proposals, invoices, etc., excluding VAT;
b. All prices, unless otherwise expressly stated in Euros.


Unless otherwise agreed in writing must show ME names of clients, projects and mediated work on state websites and other advertisements for Show ME


a. An Assignment is a show by the M.E. accepted: With the execution of the work to commence, either by a written confirmation is required. Acceptance means that there are accepted is with these conditions.
b. Changes of Assignment accepted only with prior written approval of both parties be implemented;
c. Any additional costs resulting from a change in assignment shall be borne by the Client. Show M.E. shall inform the Client as soon as possible any additional costs;
d. Changes in the Order are that the original agreed delivery time lapse.


a Unless otherwise agreed in writing Show Me not bound by any timing;
b. In case of force majeure or delay any expense or risk of the Client, then do agreed time expire;
c. Client will always (whether at the request of Show Me) all time for the implementation of the agreed work necessary cooperation, data and information giving;
d. Show all M.E. given information and / or advice are free and are given to the best knowledge;
e. Show M.E. is not liable for any damages resulting from the failure of the Principal in the preceding paragraph of this Article obligations.

Article 10: ADVICE WORK

a. Show a M.E. carried out consultancy work to the best and understanding;
b. Show M.E. is not liable for damages resulting from its advice or for damages resulting from the monitoring of advice given by it.


If a Show M.E. mediation work is done they are in no way party to the mediated agreement between the Client and a third nor in any way liable for the Client or third parties who mediated contract damages.


If in the opinion of the Show M.E. reasonably necessary for the proper performance of the Contract, or if this follows from the nature of the engagement, is Show Me entitled to and on behalf of the Client to engage third parties and / or Contract for supply of goods and / or services to.

Article 13: SUSPENSION

a. If a client under any provision of these terms come in default is Show Me her work entitled to suspend or terminate the agreement;
b. In case of suspension of work is Show Me entitled, before the work to resume, bank guarantee or payment in advance to ensure the agreed fee.


If as a result of force majeure the fulfillment of the contract can not reasonably or not the full extent of Show ME be demanded of it, is Show M.E. terminate the agreement entirely

or partially dissolve and / or the execution thereof to suspend, without any obligation to pay compensation to the Client.


If a client cancels an Assignment in whole or in part prior to or during the start of the agreed work, the Principal, at the discretion of Show ME, held to pay: either all with a view to the execution of the Contract costs already incurred or the agreed payment without prejudice to the right to compensation from the other by Show ME following the cancellation to suffer damages, costs and interest.

a change in the agreement can only writing, signed by both parties, be agreed;
b. Each party is entitled to the agreement wholly or partially dissolve under the provisions of Book 6 of the Dutch Civil Code;
c. Termination shall not affect the right to damages against the party failed.

Article 17: COMPLAINTS

a. Complaints about a work of Show M.E. must be made within 14 days after delivery of the product delivered and / or service;
b. Complaints should be sent by e-mail or by registered letter to Show ME to be submitted. If a complaint within the prescribed time failure is Show Me deemed to meet all its obligations under the Contract or the Agreement have been met and Show ME no longer required to deal with complaints;
c. A complaint does not entitle the Client or payment obligations Show ME to suspend or to settle other bills.

Article 18: LIABILITY
a. Any liability for damages to the Client is limited to the amount of the agreed fee for the Contract;
b. The liability of Show M.E. is limited to direct damages, unless there is a deliberate;
c. Show M.E. by the Client indemnified against all claims of whatever nature and for any reason whatsoever;
d. Show M.E. by the Client shall not be held liable for any indirect or consequential damages, lost profits, lost savings, damage due to business interruption costs resulting from conviction in court costs, interest and / or delay damages, damages for Show ME given free information and advice;
e. If Show M.E. liable, this liability is limited to what this provision.


The claims of a Show M.E. the Client shall immediately become due if informed of circumstances which give it good reason to fear that the client will not fulfill its obligations, eg in case of suspension of payments, bankruptcy,

sequestration or liquidation of the Client;

b. To in the above-cases mentioned is Show M.E. authorized the further execution of existing contracts to suspend or terminate current contracts, without prejudice to the right to compensation.

a All quotations, orders and agreements to which these conditions apply Dutch law is applicable;
b. In case of dispute, the competent court in Haarlem district exclusively entitled to take note.