14. december 2012

To whom it may concern.

This letter is my personal recommendation for Kees rutgers.

As the tour manager of the Holiday on Ice show called Speed I worked togheter with Kees rutgers on the Dutch and UK tour for two months in 2012, when he was in the position of Event Manager.

I found working with him consistently pleasent, he is very proffesional and has a lot of experiance in event management. He has very good organizational and problem solving skills, is good with coordinating the people working for him. Kees feels at ease in an international environment and has great communication skills with the group. He is a team player and is getting quickly used to new enviremonts and challenges.
He is enthousiastic about his job and has the ability to work with minimal supervision.

In the future I would, with no doubt work with him again. Do not hesitate to contact me if you have questions

                                                                                                                          Adrienne Szabo
                                                                                                                          Tour Manager
                                                                                                                          Holiday on Ice Speed


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