Ever since Kees Rutgers graduated his bachelor studies in ‘Media and Entertainment Management’ Kees has been fortunate enough to have been employed by highly successful, and market leading ‘live entertainment production companies’. For almost a decade Kees has been organizing, producing, promoting and managing touring ‘Live Entertainment Productions’ for companies that focus on producing and exploiting ‘Family Entertainment Productions’. Over the last decade Kees has been employed by: ‘Stardust Theatre’, ‘Holiday on Ice’, ‘Stage-Entertainment’ and ‘Studio 100’. Kees, has worked in an Event Managers/Promoters role. In this position he was responsible for the Benelux, Germany and the UK markets for productions such as: ‘Stardust‘s, ‘Circus Hans Christian Andersen’, ‘Holiday on Ice’s Diamonds’, ‘Fantasy, Romanza’, ‘Peter Pan’, ‘Mystery’ and Stage-Entertainment’sHans Klok, Faster than Magic’. Furthermore, together with very talented creative productions teams, Kees (in his position of ‘Associate Producer’) has produced beautiful shows, such as the Holiday on Ice shows ‘Arabian Nights’ and ‘Elements (also known as Spirit)’ (for which Holiday on Ice won the prestigious TPI Award) and worked as ‘Project Manager Theatre & Live Entertainment’ with the Belgian ‘Studio 100′, managing theatre shows with the popular characters of ‘The House Anubis’, and ‘Pete the Pirate’. Since August 2011, Kees has started to go give guest lectures at ‘Glion institution of higher education‘ on a regular base. Topics are varying. Some examples of topics discussed are: ‘Producing Family Entertainment Productions’, ‘International Arena Touring’, ‘Business development’, Kees also participated as a guest speaker at the 2011 ESEconference: Event Management 2.0, ‘The Impacts of Emerging Leisure Technologies’.


A demonstrated ability to work in highly dynamic organizations, with strong prioritization, negotiation and decision-making skills. Remains calm in moments of great stress and are able to see the greater picture at all times. Possesses qualities of being a team player with excellent interpersonal skills and has great talent for organizing with the focus on improvement, willing to meet challenges and convert these into practical solutions. Has a diplomatic, friendly, customer-focused attitude and used to working across (business) cultures and countries.


Event management / Project management / Production management / Consultancy / Business Development /technical and logistical productions in the event and live entertainment industry; planning, seating, ticketing, event safety & security; environment; supervising operations; crowd management & crowd control; event licenses and permits application; artist logistics (hotel accommodation, flights, ground transport, cargo and itineraries); supervising and coaching staff. Core values of Kees Rutgers and thus for ‘Show More Entertainment’ are: Passion, Ambition, Honesty, Loyalty, Flexibility, Responsibility, Positivity, Determination, Craftsmanship and Durability. Armed with that core values Kees aims for long term relationships, a sustainable business model and long term success. ‘Show More Entertainment’ was officially born on the 9th of January 2012


Participating actively in the international ‘Live Entertainment’ industry. Either by producing, project management, consulting or intermediation for established entertainment companies. Organizing/managing commissioned events/projects for our clients or initiating entertainment/event productions or projects out of own initiative. More information about the companies/productions Kees has worked for you can find via: