Repost: First Monthly Overview

After exactly a month since ‘Show More Entertainment’ officially was founded, I am proud to present to you our first monthly overview (first posted 9th of February on our facebook page ).
Show More Entertainment was officially founded at the 9th of January, and is officially registrated at the Chamber of Commerce in Amsterdam.

We celebrated this joyous fact with an official Kick-off campaign, spreading the news by sending out official birth cards to a large amount of our business contacts within the international Entertainment industry.

I am glad that we can say that our Kick-off campaign turned out to be a huge success! We have received hundreds of nice, warm and supporting reactions. They came via email, Facebook, postcards, sms and phone calls. (and a month later, great reactions are still coming in ☺ ) And I would like to take the chance via this update to thank everybody who has send his/her support!

In addition to all the support we received, our kick-off campaign literally filled up our agenda in a fast rate. Leaving me, in the quest for assignments, cooperation or other business opportunity with an agenda full off promising meetings, which go already as far as April!

Unfortunately, the side affect off our strong Kick-off has led to a small delay in the development of the official corporate website. We expect the official site to be launched within the next few weeks and thanks to this facebook page (and I am thrilled that you all showed us you’re support so massively by liking our page), I am able to give out more information about our activities and more background Information about the company.

This last month we had already quite a few promising and very interesting meetings, of which hopefully all off them will lead up to future co-operations and will lead to the participation and creation off great projects!

I am happy to present to all off you that: Together with Dutch artist Mick Harren (who also was contacted last month by Quentin Tarantino, asking him to sing the title song of Quentins new upcoming movie ‘Django Unchained’) ‘Show More Entertainment’ will translate his tv program ‘Mick in Mokum’ in to a live (touring) stage show, and to set-up a tour in various Dutch Theatres! (More info on Mick:

In addition to that, Kees Rutgers will be lecturing at ‘Glion’ institution of higher education ( in the beginning of March, and I was asked to lecture for ‘Sports for Live’ giving a lecture on their event ‘Sport and Events’(

All and all I can speak of a very fertile first month, which gave a lot off positive energy and good fait for a bright future!

Again I would like to thank everybody for you’re support and for help promoting ‘Show More Entertainment’ and hope to give you another (hopefully just as possitive) monthly update next month!

With a kind Regard, I wish you al a lot off love and happiness!

‘Dream it,,,See it,,,Create it!!!’ – Show More Entertainment!

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